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Our Signallers control the movement of our trains within yards. At Zig Zag Railway we have yards at Bottom Points, Top Points, and Clarence, with all locations containing signal huts. At Clarence the lever frames which the signaller uses to set the points and signals are external to the hut, whereas both Top Points and Bottom Points signal huts contain lever frames.

Signallers maintain communication with the Train Controller and Train crew primarily by 2-way radio. They also use hand signals, flags, lights and mechanical signals to control train movements. Any train entering or leaving a signaller’s yard must do so under the authority of the Train Controller. The Signaller ensures the train movements proceed with the Train Controller’s authority by complying with a safe working system. At Zig Zag we use a staff and ticket system.

Signaller is the qualification most members attain prior to obtaining further qualifications.

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