The Emu Bay Railway Company in Tasmania purchased a new diesel-hydraulic locomotive from England in 1953 with the intention of replacing steam locomotives. However, after a period of service on the mainline between Burnie and the West Coast it was deemed that the design was not entirely suitable for mainline work. The company then placed an order for three diesel-hydraulic locomotives from Tulloch Limited in NSW, however the order was eventually filled by Walkers Ltd Maryborough in 1963. Unlike the earlier acquisition, these proved to be very successful and three years after the initial delivery, a fourth unit was constructed by the Tasmanian Government Railways in Launceston.

All locomotives were placed into storage in Burnie during June 2000 following closure of the Hellyer mine and offered for sale in 2001.


Zig Zag Railway

Nº 1001 was sold to Walhalla Gold Fields Railway, Victoria in April 2001. It was shipped to Morwell, Victoria for rebuilding and regauging to 2’6″ on 1st July 2001 and finally delivered to Walhalla Gold Fields Railway in February 2004.

Nº 1002 was sold to the Don River Railway in September 2001 and towed to its new home on 15th April 2002.

Nº 1003 was sold to the Zig Zag Railway in March 2001 and was shipped to Lithgow on 22nd January 2004. It is currently stored out of use.

Nº 1004, the youngest member of the class was also sold to the Zig Zag Railway in 2001. It was shipped to Lithgow on 6th April 2001 where the former Vacuum braking system was replaced with Westinghouse Brakes so was compatible with existing rollingstock.

Sources of Information

ARHS Bulletin Nº 293 March 1962

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