Lapstone Zig Zag Railway

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Author: William Bayley

Discover the fascinating history of one of Australia’s engineering marvels with the “Lapstone Zig Zag Railway” book.  Authored by renowned railway historian William Bayley, this captivating volume invites you to journey back in time and explore the incredible story of the Lapstone Zig Zag Railway.

This isn’t just a book; it’s an invitation to step back in time, a chance to relive the incredible engineering achievements, and an opportunity to connect with the rich history of Australia’s railway network. Whether you’re a history buff, a railway aficionado, or simply seeking a captivating read, this book promises a thrilling journey.

Inside you’ll

  • Uncover the remarkable history of the Lapstone Zig Zag Railway, an engineering triumph that conquered the challenging terrain of the Blue Mountains.
  • Immerse yourself in a stunning collection of archival photographs and illustrations that transport you to an era when steam locomotives gracefully navigated sharp inclines and tight curves.
  • Engage with meticulously researched narratives and enthralling stories that illuminate the triumphs, struggles, and the human spirit behind the creation and operation of this historic railway.
  • Follow the twists and turns of the Lapstone Zig Zag Railway with detailed maps and route descriptions, perfect for railway enthusiasts, history buffs, and explorers eager to retrace this remarkable journey.


Key Features

  • An expertly documented and passionately written account of the Lapstone Zig Zag Railway, a must-have for railway enthusiasts and those intrigued by engineering feats.
  • Over 200 evocative photographs and illustrations that transport you to a time when the Lapstone Zig Zag Railway was a marvel of modern engineering.
  • Comprehensive maps and route guides to aid in planning your own adventure through the breathtaking Blue Mountains landscape.
  • A treasure trove of knowledge and insights into the individuals and events that shaped the legacy of this remarkable railway.


About the Author

William Bayley is a distinguished railway historian with a passion for preserving the stories and heritage of Australia’s railways. With a lifetime of experience, his expertise shines through in this comprehensive volume, making it an indispensable addition to any railway enthusiast’s library.


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